Description: Swift lives quietly and tends to try and avoid obvious attention to his life. He started life as a street thief to survive and better his situation. After a run in with the law, narrowly avoiding being killed by both the law and his former gang, he began doing less illicit activity, and more work that tended to put him in good standing with the law.

Personality: Quiet, observant, and charismatic. While not always out going, Swift is more than capable of being very present when it comes to interacting with others.
He has no real leanings when it comes to good/evil, seeing instead the general benefits and personal gain. He does have a very convoluted sense of morality and dedication to a more ambiguous great good. This grew out of a realization that individuals aren’t always good or bad. Instead, circumstances and actions define right/wrong in that moment.

Character Traits: Like most changelings in Sharn, Swift deals with a great deal of animosity when out in his true form. Due to this, he tends to take the form of humans or elves when hes trying to quietly move about the city.

Contacts: Doxxie is a friend who works for the police of Sharn. They grew up together and tend to help each other out. Swift has been building up a reputation as a solid consultant for the police, thanks in part to the help and recommendations of Doxxie.


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